The ultimate professional learning development tracker for NZ schools

PD able provides a managed framework that helps busy administrators plan, manage, and track staff PLD. Geared for New Zealand schools, It's easy to use, affordable and highly effective in delivering positive outcomes for educators throughout Aotearoa.

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5 reasons why your school should be using PD able


Monitor and manage staff PLD

With dashboards, charts and reports, managers can keep abreast of each person's learning activity in real-time.


Save time doing it all online

Staff and administrators can manage their PLD tasks in one central place which saves time and reduces mistakes.


It's easy for teachers

Creating a plan, recording PLD activity, goal setting, and writing reflections can be done at any time, from any device.


Support staff with approved PLD resources

Provide input to the learning your team is carrying out. Upload templates, suggest activities and contribute with your own activities.


It's affordable 

Only pay for staff that are undertaking PLD, administrators and support staff are free.

It's free to register and set up your school.

Learn more about pricing here.