Test Mode

Try your PD system before you run it with Test Mode

Build your PD system online using our wizard tool, then take it for a test ride before you commit to anything

Test Mode is a very useful feature that allows you to fully test your newly built PD system before it gets published 'Live' in the PD able directory. This means that you can play around with settings, learn how it works and give your team a chance to try it out.

Test Mode will allow you to


Build your system the way you want to

Set up the PD system as you want, create cycles, competencies, points, hours, and more. Experiment, iterate and improve as you go.


Invite 5 people to try it out

Invite 5 professionals to take it for a test run, they can record PD activities, view resources that you upload, explore planning options, do just about everything that a fully published system does.


Monitor and administer PD activity

See all activity that your test participants are doing. E.g. view all their PD activity (workshops, webinars, modules, etc) download and view their transcript log, see what they are writing in their plans, you get access to all the key features.


Rinse and repeat

You can re-run Test Mode which will reset everything back to a clean state, allowing you to try various options before your final push to the PD able directory.


What's next?

When you've finished testing it's time to publish your system to our directory. This will make it available for everyone to use.

Note: After publishing all test data will be wiped.


Test Mode