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Easily manage your staff's Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Need a simple and affordable tool to manage your staff's professional development? Try our all-in-one PD tracker today

Manage outcomes, provide resources, create reports, and monitor their progress from your dashboard. Interact directly with your team and provide them with supportive management. Get started with our all-in-one PD tracker now.


Step 1. Sign up for free

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You will need to sign up as an Employer

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Step 2. Invite your team

Now it's time to take control of your staff's professional growth and development needs.

As a manager you'll be able to:

  • See who is doing their CPD (when they last logged in and recorded something)
  • Create lists of approved learning activities that your staff can do
  • View reports, both individually or as an organisation
  • Review staff plans, goals and reflections
  • Upload resources and templates for staff to use
  • Publish important notices to your team
  • Set a budget for your team to work towards
  • Invite or review staff that want to join

How much will it cost?

You pay for each staff member that you manage once they start to record their PD.

See pricing here.


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