PD for individual professionals

The benefits of Professional Development

Why is professional development so important to your organisation?

Dedicated and focussed professional development assists your team in maintaining competence and professional practice, ensuring knowledge and skills remain current in today’s competitive marketplace.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps in so many ways.

  • Distinguishes your business from other competitors in the market
  • Helps to achieve your business objectives with a high level of professionalism
  • Motivates staff and shows that you are investing in their future
  • Creates an environment where new ideas and knowledge are welcomed
  • Reduces risk to your business, partners and the public

PD able - Professional Development Tracker

How can PD able help me?

Career prosperity

Knowledge brings wealth. PD able connects all those invested in developing your capability, bringing together education providers, employers, peers and of course yourself. It is a collaborative continuing education framework that lets you flourish.

  • Single portal
  • Collaborative framework
  • Connected learning opportunities
  • Propagate personal growth

Continuing education

Keep up with the latest technologies and practices

It's an ever-increasing challenge to maintain a high level of capability in our fast changing world. PD able helps you do this, plus it packages your outcomes in quality reports that make you shine in the eyes of licensing authorities and your employer.

  • Find learning opportunities
  • Record completions
  • Report to industry authorities
  • Impress your employer
  • Review and reflect

Maintain Licensed Status

For individuals who need to track and report on continuing education to maintain licensed status. Common professions include Architects, Teachers, Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Nurses and Accountants.

Promote your Career

For skilled employees who may not have a formal industry title, but who have high value in doing continuing education and demonstrating competency. Examples include computer programmers, mechanics and specialists in retail and hospitality.