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What Types of activities can I record?

Lots! Probably more than you’d expect. Such as…

Structured Activities:

  • Module / Tutorial
  • Workshop
  • Seminar / Webinar
  • Short Course
  • Lecture Series
  • Self-Directed Activities:
  • PD Plan / Review
  • General Research & Learn
  • Regular Quick Reading
  • Read a Book
  • Watch a Movie
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Other

Peer Interactions:

  • Peer Review / Self Assess
  • Attend a Speaker Event
  • Networking Event
  • Peer / Support Group
  • Benchmarking
  • Team Building
  • Conference / Convention

Commercial Activities:

  • Roadshow
  • Trade Show
  • Product Training

Authoritative Activities:

  • Publish an Article
  • Write a Book
  • Write a Blog
  • Produce a Movie
  • Be a Mentor
  • Give a Presentation
  • Formal Research
  • Teach

Academic Qualification:

  • Certification
  • Diploma
  • Degree
  • Masters
  • Doctorate

How do I record an activity?

Easy, just follow these simple steps.

My Records

1. Click on the 'My Records' tab in the menu (this will take you to the My Records page).

Add Activity

2. Click the '+Add Activity' button.

Record Activity

3. Select the activity type and fill in the form.

Save Record

4. Save... and you're done!

I've written my Learning Plan and outlined my goals for the year, why should I include reflections as part of my CPD record

Reflections are an important component to any effective professional development programme. Use them to identify what is working for you, what isn't and what you think could be improved. Outline any skills that you've picked up and make special mention of how these have affected your professional practice.

Can I download a record of my PD activity?

Yes. Go to the 'My Records' tab to the left on the dashboard. To the right, use the dropdown to show the year you want to export, then click on the Transcript button. A PDF is created for you to download. You must download a separate Transcript for each year you have activities recorded.

Note: Even our free version offers this function, so sign up now to create your own downloadable records.

I have just completed a course and received a certificate from the education provider, can I include this in my CPD records?

Yes you can! When you write up the details of the course in 'My Records', you can upload the certificate using the form provided. If you don't have it in PDF format (you have the physical certificate) just use your smartphone camera and upload a photo of it.


I'm a registered nurse, what happens if I get audited for recertification?

As long as you've been recording your continuing education activity in 'My Records' and keeping it up to date. Simply click the 'Download Your Transcript' button at the top of the page. This will generate a PDF for you to share with your supervisor, administrator, governing board, or any other stakeholder.

I'm a registered teacher in New Zealand, I need to produce a report for my annual review, can I use PD able to do this?

PD able is the perfect option for tracking PLD. There are 30+ forms included within PD able that you can use to record your activities. A PDF report can be generated at any time (at the click of a button), just email it to your supervisor when you're ready or print out a hard copy.

What’s a Learning Plan?

A Learning Plan gives structure to your professional development by defining why you are engaging in particular activities (Self Analysis), and your goals for doing those activities (Learning Goals).

I just entered an activity but can’t see it on the 'My PD History' table under the 'My Records' Tab

It may be that you did not set the date range to the year that you entered the activity. To find your Activity, on the right side of the My Records screen, select the date range of the activity you just entered from the drop-down. By changing the date range, you will see the activities that you entered for those dates. Keep changing dates until you find the Activity you entered.

If you do not find the activity, you may have omitted Saving it. Unfortunately, you’ll have to enter it again.

If you entered the activity under the wrong date range, you would need to enter the Activity again under the proper date range.

How do I sign up to PD able?

Signing up to PD able is simple, register with a valid email address to get started. You can begin logging and tracking your Professional Development activity right away!

Our PD FREE plan won't cost you a cent, so why not try it out today.

What happens if I don't pay my PD PREMIUM renewal?

Your account will be downgraded to PD FREE and you will be assigned to the PD able default PD system.

On renewing your subscription you will be able to access full benefits of PD PREMIUM again. If you participate in a proprietary PD System you may experience some disruption when joining back into that system, such as a disjointed flow of PD Cycles.

What happens when my free 30 day trial ends

You don't need to do anything, we'll automatically move you from PD PREMIUM to PD FREE. Any activities that you've recorded will remain intact.

If you are connected to an employer and undertaking their PD program, you will need to subscribe to PD PREMIUM if you wish to continue. Pay your subscription with your credit card or get your employer to pay using the MemberPAY facility.

What happens if I switch between PD Systems within PD able?

PD able offers different PD Systems to suit different professions around the world.

When choosing a new PD System your core PD records will be retained, but due to differences between PD Systems there will be some gaps that need to be tuned.

You will need to work through your completed activities to set attributes such as allocation toward competencies based on that system, and your points scheme will be recalculated accordingly.

What happens if I change to a different Employer?

You can connect with any organisation that has configured access based on our email address.

You can fully interact with an organisation only where you have paid your own PD PREMIUM subscription, or the organisation you are connected with has opted to pay your subscription fees using the MemberPAY scheme.


How do I set up my business in PD able so that I can manage my staff?

To manage staff you will need to create an Employer profile.

To do this, click on the icon at the far-right, top of your screen. Scroll down the panel and click on the + Add Profile link.

This will direct you to a screen with 4 options. Choose the 'Employer Manage Staff' option. Fill in the form.

Now you will have the capability to manage staff PD.

Select Employer Profile

What does it cost to join the Staff PD Program?

It is 100% free to make use of the PD able system as an Employer.

All standard benefits of the program are available for each employee who is subscribed as PD PREMIUM. This is both from the Professional's perspective to access resources and the Employers perspective to manage.


Progressive Employers normally opt to join the MemberPAY scheme and pay employees annual subscription fees. This encourages full participation and enables collective rewards. Refer the beneficial pricing scheme.

Does it cost anything for an employee to connect?

No, it is 100% free for an employee to connect with an employer.

However, to access the PD management features the Professional will require an active PD PREMIUM subscription. This is true for the Professional wanting to access organisation resources, and for the organisation to see and manage the Professional.

If a person is not doing PD do they still get charged under the MemberPAY scheme?

No, but you do need to configure Staff Roles correctly. Only those employees who are flagged as 'PD PREMIUM' will be included on your invoice for the annual subscription fees.


How do staff who gain value from doing Professional Development (PD) get connected.

To manage staff who are Professionals doing PD, each staff member will need to be:

  1. Subscribed to PD PREMIUM
  2. Assigned to the Staff Role of PD PREMIUM in your organisation.
    Set this on the "Config » Organisation / Staff Roles" page.

There are two methods for a staff member to be subscribed.

  1. They can pay their own subscription fees.
  2. Your organisation can use the MemberPAY scheme to cover the annual fees on behalf of your team.
    Set this on the "Config » Organisation / Billing" page.

When your organisation pays, there are immediate benefits of volume discounts, plus productivity benefits resulting from an inclusive, learning environment.

In the scenario that staff pay their own subscriptions, then as standard there are no fees for your organisation to pay.

How do I create an account for my organisation?

It is quick, no obligation and free to create an account for your organisation.

Simply complete the registration form for an employer and you will be prompted to enter the necessary details to get started.

If you already have a logged in account, then select your personal icon at top right and select "+ Add Profile". Step through the online wizard provided.

PD System Owners

Can I create a PD system that is dedicated to my profession?

Yes... absolutely! You can build it online right away.

Create it using our online wizard tool. Set areas of competency, points systems, cycles and more, craft it to suit your needs.

Learn more here.

How much will it cost to set up a PD system for my profession?

It is 100% free to set up a proprietary system that is tuned to suit a nominated profession.

The PD able model is based on participating professionals paying an annual fee for our premium service. Employers can pay this fee if they choose to, using MemberPAY.

As a PD system owner you may also elect to pay for everyone that uses your system, this is totally up to you. Our affordable pricing bands are available here.

Education Providers

How do I offer my learning activities to the professionals who use PD able?

We are working on a package of APIs and browser interfaces that will enable promotion of your activities to a highly targeted audience. Keep watch on this space.

If you are interested, please contact us and explain the features you are looking for. If nothing else we'll be sure to contact you when the service is ready.


Are my Credit Card details safe?

PD able does all payment handling through Stripe, our PCI-compliant and world leading payment gateway provider.

Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. PCI compliance is a shared responsibility and applies to both Stripe and you (your business).

When your Credit Card is saved for convenient payment of recurring billing, it is all done using services provided by Stripe. PD able does not store your Credit Card details.

Even though you may see your Credit Card details within the PD able website, you are actually interacting directly with Stripe via their APIs.

We value that you enjoy using our system and take great care to ensure your privacy is well protected.

What if my stored Credit Card expires?

PD able sends invoices and notifications that provide ample time to update your details before any action is taken to reduce your subscription level.

What happens if my stored Credit Card fails?

In the case of a payment not succeeding the worst that can happen is that you are downgraded to the PD FREE subscription level.

Your learning record will not be lost, and as soon as you are subscribed again you will be able to enjoy the benefits of PD PREMIUM from where you left off.

How do I keep my PD PREMIUM subscription rolling over automatically?

To ensure that your subscription runs continually, you must have a valid Credit Card set up in your Billing area. Your Credit Card will automatically be charged when your anniversary date is reached.

How do I stop my PD PREMIUM subscription from continuing?

To stop your PD PREMUIM subscription from rolling over into the next year, you will need to remove your stored credit card prior to your anniversary date.