Affordable professional development system for employers

Our time saving all-in-one PD system is free for employers to set up and use!

We charge each individual staff member a small fee to use it.



How much will it cost?

Staff members that utilise your PD Program to record their PD activities must be PD PREMIUM users so will be charged a subscription fee. This can be paid by credit card by each staff member or you can elect to pay for them using STAFFPAY.

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Our professional development tracking system can cater to any sized organisation

Volume discounting applies where the per person fees drop as your subscriber base grows.

Starter Business


1 - 9 users

$5.50 / month

Charged annually
$66.00 / person
USD incl tax

Small Business


10 - 49 users

$4.75 / month

Charged annually
$57.00 / person
USD incl tax

Large Business


50 - 199 users

$3.90 / month

Charged annually
$46.80 / person
USD incl tax

Enterprise Business


200 + users

By Negotiation

Charged annually
per person
USD incl tax

We use STAFFPAY for your convenience

How it works

By clicking a single button in your employer config settings you can pay for everyones's PD Premium subscription fees. We'll generate a convenient monthly invoice covering the nominated staff.

Invoices are created on the last day of each calendar month. The fee charged is the sum of annual subscription fees for all staff attached with your organisation where:

  1. Their anniversary falls within the following calendar month; plus
  2. They recently attached with your organisation during the calendar month, and they don't already hold a PD Premium subscription.

Staff of your organisation who are not flagged as a PD Premium user are not included. This is to support staff in your organisation who need to administer the PD program, but who do not wish to participate in it.

People who are covered by STAFFPAY then enjoy seamless participation. They simply login and engage with PD Premium services.

The 'per person rate' charged each month is calculated based on the count of all connected staff at the time of generating the invoice, not the count of staff being invoiced within a single month.

Fees are charged on a 'fair use' policy. This means fees are normally charged on face value at the time of running the invoicing. If there is evidence of system abuse where staff repeatedly connect with an organisation, then they will also be included in the subscription charge.

Where a professional disconnects with an organisation part way through a subscribed year, they will retain the individual benefits of that subscription through to the natural expiry of that subscription.

Payment Method

Organisations with fewer than 30 connected professionals are required to pay by Credit Card, where values are auto-deducted from the loaded Credit Card each month on the day of invoicing.

Employers with more than 30 connected staff have the option of paying by the 20th of the month following, using bank transfer.