The ultimate professional learning development tracker for NZ schools

PD able provides a managed framework that helps busy administrators plan, manage, and track staff PLD. Geared forNewZealand schools, It's easy to use, affordable and highly effective in delivering positive outcomes for educators throughout Aotearoa.

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5 reasons why your school should be using PD able


Monitor and manage staff PLD

With dashboards, charts and reports, managers can keep abreast of each person's learning activity in real-time.


Save time doing it all online

Staff and administrators can manage their PLD tasks in one central place which saves time and reduces mistakes.


It's easy for teachers

Creating a plan, recording PLD activity, goal setting, and writing reflections can be done at any time, from any device.


Support staff with approved PLD resources

Provide input to the learning your team is carrying out. Upload templates, suggest activities and contribute with your own activities.


It's affordable 

Only pay for staff that are undertaking PLD, administrators and support staff are free.

It's free to register and set up your school.

Learn more about pricing here.

What next?


How do I get started?
You can sign up for a free account right now and start recording your PLD immediately.

Do I need to be attached to a school?
No you don't, you can keep an online diary of your PLD activities without being associated with a school. Use our 30 days free trial register today.
Being attached to a school brings added benefits like: having access to the schools resources, recommended activities, and it allows management to view your records during the year.

How do I attach myself to a school?
Once you are registered, click on the profile icon at the top-right of your screen, then scroll down to'Employer'.If you can't see your employer in the list on the screen try searching for them. If you find your school, click the connect button. If you can't find your school you may need to find out why it's not listed on PD able? If you are an appointed manager of PLD for your school you could set up a profile for your school by creating a profile(Employer - Manage Staff).

When I login, I cant seem to find the New Zealand Schools professional development system
When you signed up, you may not have chosen 'Education' as your primary industry/sector. You can easily select it under your profile later, to find the NZ Teachers PLD system go to Settings --> PD System-->Select: Teaching Profession - New Zealand from the box on-screen. Doing so should reveal the following standards when you return to your dashboard:

  • Te tiriti o Waitangi
  • Professional Learning
  • Professional Relationships
  • Learning Culture
  • Design for Learning
  • Teaching


Register your school


How do I set up a school in PD able?
First of all you will need to register. During the sign up flow you will be asked if you are registering as a professional (individual) or as an employer (school), choose the 'employer' option then proceed to the next screen. From the next screen, enter the name of your school in the field provided and fill out the form. Your school is now available on PD able.

Note: setting up a school should be undertaken by someone with administrator rights for their school.

How do I get staff to join up with my school?

  1. You can use the invite staff option to invite people one at a time.
  2. The other option is to set up a school email which will be recognised by our platform when someone registers with this site. They will see a prompt asking them if they want to join your school on PD able. Doing so will fast-track them into your Staff PD Programme.


Do you still need assistance?
Contact us, we'd be happy to help.


Set up your school in PD able
Choose the 'Employer' option during registration.