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Professional development software experts

PD able founders Bruce Timmins and Jim Griffiths have been developing ProfessionalDevelopment systems for their other company, Stream Interactive for well over a decade. Geared for medium to large sized organisations, these systems have proven to be very reliable and effective at improving the careers of thousands of satisfied users.

As great as these systems are, for many smaller businesses and organisations, this type of software is just too expensive to build, deploy and maintain.

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The opportunity

During the Covid Pandemic lockdowns of 2020 - 2021 there was a noticeable upsurge of interest in PD tracking systems, highlighting the need for more affordable solutions. During this period the team at Stream Interactive had to turn away many organisations wanting to provide this service for their staff.

The solution

Given their current knowledge and capability, Bruce and Jim decided to invest heavily into a far simpler and more accessible solution. PD able was realised in late 2021 and launched a further year later in 2022.

PD able aims to:

  • Make the entry point for Professional Development software more affordable
  • Create a simpler more generic tool that anyone can use
  • Connect people across the professional development spectrum, these include: individual professionals, employers, education providers, industry associations and licensing authorities

PD able is improving and growing day by day, we have an energetic team with big plans to make it the best professional development software available. 

If you'd like to support us, climb on board and give PD FREEa go, it won't cost you a cent! 



Our Mission

We strive to make professional development affordable and accessible to everyone