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Date created: 15 Dec 2022

Record Your Success! by Nonprofit.Courses

Record Your Success! by Nonprofit.Courses is for anyone who runs, works in volunteers at or supports a nonprofit, charity, or other organization that supports the public good.

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Record Your Success! by Nonprofit.Courses is a PD System purpose built to align with the framework. Join an ecosystem that advances your career and take a quality pathway to retain your licensure, certification and registration.


Cycle Length:
1 year (1 Jan - 31 Dec)
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About Record Your Success! by Nonprofit.Courses professional development

Welcome to Record Your Success! by Nonprofit.Courses.

  • Record ALL your professional development experiences in one place
  • Carry your accomplishments between jobs
  • Motivate yourself by creating and tracking customizable goals
  • Show progress to your boss against your professional development objectives
  • See where your gaps are, and where you've drilled deep

And that's just a few ways to use this growing, flexible tool. Enjoy!

Record Your Success! is for anyone who runs, works in volunteers at or supports a nonprofit, charity, or other organization that supports the public good.

Key Features

check_circlePlanning tool

check_circleTranscript download

check_circleGoal setting

check_circleReflection writing

check_circlePoints tracking

check_circleRecommended activities

add_circle_outlinePlus many more...

Record these activities

check_circleModule / Tutorial


check_circleSeminar / Webinar

check_circleShort Course

check_circleLecture Series

check_circlePD Plan / Review

add_circle_outlinePlus over 20 more...

Who uses Record Your Success! by Nonprofit.Courses


Accountant, Communications / Media / News, HR, Nonprofit, Office / Administrator


New Zealand, American Samoa, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Guam, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, United States, Virgin Islands, British, Virgin Islands, U.S.



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The following is a copy of the framework set out by:


This is the place for topics which are not directly related to nonprofits, but you want to highlight. For example, there are few college degrees related to nonprofits, so you would add your "competency" as Other.

Accounting & Finance

All topics related to great resource stewardship, including Accounting, Bookkeeping, Finance and related topics

Fundraising, Grantwriting & Revenue Generation

All topics related to generating revenue and income for your nonprofit, including fundraising, grantwriting, sales, events and more.

Leadership, Management & Legal

All topics related to accomplishing your internal and external goals by being at the helm, or working through others and the legal topics surrounding them.

Human Resources & Volunteer Management

All topics related to human resource management, whether staff or volunteers, including benefits, policies, diversity/equity/inclusion initiatives and more.

Your Mission, Your Business

All topics related to how you carry out the mission of your organization - whether that's your nonprofit mission, or your business or consultancy supporting nonprofits.